China, India, and Indonesia taken together, particularly their economies and trade relationships. [Blend of China, India, and Indonesia.]
Example Citations:
The increasing weight of China in every market is a global trend, but growing Chinese, as well as Indian, demand is making an especially big impact in Indonesia. Nick Cashmore of the Jakarta office of CLSA, an investment bank, has coined a new term to describe this symbiotic relationship: "Chindonesia".
—" More than a single swallow: The rise of Chindonesia:," The Economist, September 10. 2009
Hugo Williamson, managing director of the Risk Resolution Group, an international risk consultancy, said China is increasingly challenging the US' traditionally strong trade and diplomatic relationships in Asia. "People talk of 'Chindonesia', a reflection of the importance of trade between the two countries," he said.
—Toh Han Shih, " China fast-tracks Indonesian deals:," South China Morning Post, November 12, 2010
Earliest Citation:
Truth may be the first casualty of war, but truth can also emerge after a crisis. And in this context, let us talk about "Chindonesia", a shorthand for China, India and Indonesia, because these three Asian countries could become the backbone of Asia's economic revival.
—Berly Martawardaya, " The fall of old wisdoms and the rise of 'Chindonesia':‘chindonesia’.html," The Jakarta Post, April 26, 2009
As the second citation shows, some people use the term Chindonesia to refer to the combined economies and trade relationships of China and Indonesia, but in most usages the word refers to China, India, and Indonesia.
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